Bajoodle provides a way for teenagers, college students, and young entrepreneurs to earn money by using their own talents, skills, knowledge, creativity and energy to do local chores for neighbors, sell products they have, provide a needed service, or promote a business that they’ve already created.  Buyers get chores and other services done while teens earn their own money.  It’s a win-win!

Let’s face it, teens need money AND have an abundance of talent and energy. There comes a time when they want to buy new things, save up for a car, college or their future, or just want to be able to do things with their own money.  Constantly having to ask parents for money, being too young to have a job, or not being able to land a job can be very frustrating…but having no money in their pocket or bank account is even more frustrating to both teens and parents.

Bajoodle was created to solve two daily problems. There are chores, services, goods and products that people need done everyday, locally, that they may not have time for, knowledge of, or energy to do and are willing to pay for. Teens can use their abilities, talents and knowledge to provide these services and products, start businesses, and earn their own spending money, while learning responsibility, work ethics, and keep themselves out of finding trouble with idle time.

Think about opportunities to become an independent contractor, or entrepreneur who sells goods or provides services all on your own or with parental supervision. Start your own computer service, landscaping business, or teach older ones new technology. Possibly team up with other teens and create a company…the opportunities are endless.
Bajoodle makes it simple for teens to earn there own money and buyers to get things done all in one place.

Tell a neighbor, tell a friend!  Do You Bajoodle?