Safety and Security

Bajoodle offers a great platform for teenagers, college students, and young adults to use their talent and energy to earn their own money by providing services and chores for those who need them most, or posting a business that they’ve created.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where online predators, scams, fraud, robberies, and crimes, are far too common.   That is why safety and security are our top priority, and we want it to be yours too!  We cooperate with and assist law enforcement agencies across the country to help prevent or assist in investigations related to potential criminal activity.

Please note, there can be fraudsters buying or selling services.  For the safety of our users, we attempt to screen Buyers AND Sellers for criminal offenses. Bajoodle’s criminal background check is provided by a third party and includes national and county-level databases, and when necessary, local courthouse record checks.  Determinations on whether an individual is eligible to become a Buyer or Seller on the Bajoodle platform are made on a case by case basis.  A Buyer or Seller, however, will be ineligible to post jobs or accept job requests on the Bajoodle platform if, among other things, the background check results reveal convictions for any of the following:

– a felony

– a sexual offense

– a violent crime

– certain drug-related offense

– certain theft

– certain property damage offenses

Bajoodle reserves the right to disqualify a Buyer or Seller at any time should their background check reveal any of the above items, or for any other safety-related reason at Bajoodle’s sole discretion.

If you do not pass your background check, you’ll will be notified by email and have the opportunity to contest the results.

Although Bajoodle attempts to perform background and identity checks on each of it’s Buyers and Sellers, Bajoodle cannot guarantee that a check can be obtained on a Buyer or Seller or confirm that each Buyer or Seller is who they claim to be.  Therefore, it is URGENT that both Buyers and Sellers exercise their own personal precautions and safety always.

Parental/Guardian involvement is not recommended, it is necessary!

While the site is offered and available to users who are 13 years of age or older, if users are between the ages of 13-17, users must inform parents or guardians of their intentions to use the site and get parental or guardian permission and approval first. After approval, parents or guardians will then need to set up user accounts with the assistance of the young entrepreneur (concerning the jobs or services they wish to perform), and provide an email that will allow parents or guardians to communicate with buyers on the users behalf.  All communication should be done through the message and communication portal on Bajoodle ONLY!  Communications will be monitored and recorded to identify any attempts of fraud or illegal activity. (Please see our Terms of Service for more details)

Personal Safety

Although this site connects local users, and you may be very familiar with your neighbors and neighborhood, we strongly advise parental or guardian supervision, communication and involvement.  When interacting with other Users (Sellers or Buyers), you should exercise caution and common sense to protect your personal safety and property, just as you would when interacting with other persons whom you don’t know.

Here are some tips to help buyers and sellers protect themselves when using, and to help make sure that your interaction is both safe and productive.

  1. Sellers, make sure you tell parents/guardians, other family members, or other friends as well as the local authorities about your intentions, and any other important information, to keep everyone well informed.

  2. If you are between the ages of 13-17, DO NOT attempt to create an account on Bajoodle to offer services or goods on your own.  A parent or guardian must give you permission and set up your account with your assistance, and communicate with potential buyers.

  3. Sellers (with parents/guardians) get to know your Buyers.  Buyers get to know your Sellers.  When possible and if applicable, make an effort to meet in a public place such as a police station.  DO NOT go alone and DO NOT meet in a secluded area.

  4. Trust your instincts.  This goes for Buyers and Sellers.  If something does not feel safe, chances are they are not.  Remove yourself from the situation and inform parents, guardians, and if necessary, the local authorities with your concerns.  Keep Bajoodle informed as well, so the we can take actions if necessary. 

  5. Keep ALL communications through the messaging and communication portal provided on

  6. Keep your cell phone with you. If applicable and whenever possible, never go alone to do a job, chore or service.

Use the monitored messaging system on when talking with a potential buyer or seller, rather than relying on text messaging or your personal email address. This guards your privacy and allows us to monitor all electronic exchanges for suspicious activity, enhancing our ability to remove fraudsters from the site and become aware of potential predators or illegal activity to report to law enforcement. Keep all communication, meeting locations, times etc. on Bajoodle’s platform.  If you feel unsafe or are suspicious of communication or activity, please report to, or contact your local authorities.

 Secure Platform

Transactions and communications are safe and secure.  Buyers will never pay for a service that’s NOT delivered and Seller’s will never be cheated out of service that IS delivered.  That’s why it’s important to keep all business and communication through Bajoodle’s platform.

Trust Is What Matters

Our seller levels, reviews, feedback and ratings mean that you’ll save time with very little need to vet or source talent.  We recommend you to leave feedback and reviews for others to view.

Personal Details

Your information is secure at all times and we’ll never share your personal data with third parties.

Safe Payment

All transactions are conducted on the secure platforms of our payment servicers, PayPal or Stripe.  Whether a Buyer uses Paypal or a credit card, their security features, fraud protection and risk modeling help ensure that transactions are secure and ensure the security of your personal details.

Secure Communications

You can safely communicate and exchange files with any Seller on Bajoodle through our secure messaging system.

Should you have any issues, we’re here to help 24/7!  Just reach out to us.