Help us make every September, Bajoodle Young Entrepreneur Month!

While Labor Day is a United States national holiday celebrated in September, honoring working people, their contributions, achievements and sacrifices in pursuit of national prosperity and well-being,  fittingly, Bajoodle Young Entrepreneur Month was created to bring awareness and recognition to younger ones, teenagers and young adults, who have taken the initiative to  provide products or services for those who need them most, start their own businesses, or come up with ideas and ways to better their community, but to also inspire and encourage others to give some thought on using their talent, skills or experience to start  businesses and be in control of their own financial future.

We want to encourage teenagers and young adults to use or develop a talent or skill that they can put to good use, post their services, learn responsibility, focus on their future, and stay out of trouble!

Help us bring awareness and show appreciation for these teenagers and young entrepreneurs this month by showing them support in your local restaurants, stores, businesses, on social media, in the media, or any way you can.  That would be awesome!